After the session...... my shoulder pain (that had recently been horrific) had passed......I am on a new path of awareness......I remember right away not feeling as hungry......I have also lost some weight......
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Are you ready to be transformed on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level through a process of accessing Divine Energy?
I access and rearrange the elements that make up your reality on a energy level, changing them from what you don’t want into what you do.

This can be done by collapsing and letting go of old energy patterns, thus being able to tap into the body’s ability to heal itself and create balance.

This can be interpreted as energy work, a healing modality and a spiritual enlightenment process and sometimes magic.

During and after each session, useful and beneficial change will show up in your life experience and expression.

The entirety of The Universe consists of energy. That energy can be and is constantly restructured and rearranged.

I am not the do-er, only the door, inviting Universal Energy the opportunity to effect beneficial change in your life.

Leading Edge healing modalities attained include:
 Pranic Healing Level 3, Matrix Energetics Level 3
and Millennium Method Level 3.

The materials and content contained in this website are provided for only entertainment, inspiration and general education and are not intended to be a substitute for professional therapy, advice, diagnosis or treatment. Users of this website should not rely exclusively on information provided in this website to achieve your own wellbeing or to satisfy your spiritual or health needs. All specific questions should be presented to your personal spiritual or health care providers.






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